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Oooooooooooooooooohhh boy! So yeah. This set i…

Oooooooooooooooooohhh boy! So yeah. This set is NOW uploaded to the pictures archive! All 40ish pictures in glorious hd :3 There’s even a lot of booty later in the set… Just sayin’


Red lipstick, red toes, red tongue and red underwear :3

Something about self worship in ultra HD is pretty sexy right? Reblog it if you agree <3


By the by, there’s a buuuunch of pics from this super high def pic set. An awesome fan commissioned to see it. I’ll post a good chunk of them because I think a bunch of you will like them.

The theme is red lipstick kisses on feet 😘

If you have a cool idea and are willing to pay to have me do it hit me up from my website

themissarcana: Lovely lovely stockings with a …


Lovely lovely stockings with a super cute white dress <3

Reminder tomorrow DECEMBER 1ST is my 22nd birthday! 😀 You’ve all been awesome with getting me stuff off my wishlist so these pictures are for youuu 🙂

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OR Check out my Wishlist <333

love you all!! | My Wishlist

The caption is obviously not super relevant since my birthday is NOT tomorrow lmfao. But just thought I’d reblog some more stocking pictures!

themissarcana: Had fun in these black nylons/…


Had fun in these black nylons/pantyhose (not wearing panties).

Old post. But good set 😘

A very cute and shy Kristen is happy to show t…

A very cute and shy Kristen is happy to show the tops of her feet and toes for you today because she knows you love them.

And what you do think about her pale feet against the black sofa? Pretty hot, huh?

If you like this picture, you are going to love all of Kristen’s full photosets and videos my Foot Fetish site called Beautiful Barefoot Girls.

It’s exactly that: Cute girls who want to take off their shoes and socks for you… and only you.

When you start to add these full photosets to your private colletion you’ll see what I mean. Check it out here:

Talk soon!


Have you guys seen the like over 100 asks I answered today on my ask blog? @arcanasmessages

Shit got a little nutty. But it might be worth reading 😘


Silky smooth thigh high stockings don’t just feel good on my legs and feet. They feel great rubbing up and down and up and down on your…. Well you get it 😝


I’ve been told it’s my sexiest video yet. So what’re you waiting for? Get it!


Part 2 of my new video. It’s sexy, guys. Have you watched the preview yet?


Me having too much fun with my own feet! And guess what? The brand new video officially added to my website check it out!!!



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