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This is Baby. Little known fact about me, Bab…

This is Baby.

Little known fact about me, Baby is possibly my very most important possession to me.

She’s been with me for most of my life. I love her so much!

I kinda think I want to add more stuffed animals and pillows to my bed though. To give Baby a few friends, ya know. Plus it sure would look a lot cuter and sexier on my bed haha I do make a lot of content from my bed after :3

Hey good morning lovelies

Hey good morning lovelies

Because I’ve got not one, but TWO brand new videos to debut :3

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve been able to make any kind of REAL and GOOD content. As many of you may know (maybe a lot of you don’t know though) I shattered my elbow in December. And had a surgery to re-build my elbow.

So I was totally out of it for a while. Could barely move. On pain killers. Then it slowly started to heal and I was put right in to physical therapy for months and months. And after all this time I’m back in action and feel a lot better. 

I’ve been trying to put some fun and neat stuff for you guys because I know a lot of you have missed me. So I did the questions and answers video which was a ton of fun and few little pic sets and this and that. But now it’s time to reveal some of the really good stuff that I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes.

I’ll be posting the official previews for you in a bit, but for now here are some teasers

Video #19 “Touch, Tease, Spank & Squeeze”

Video #20 “Girlfriend Date Night Blowjob”

Sooooo yepppp those are my two new videos! Keep an eye on my tumblr today and I’ll be posting the previews toooooo

Hope you enjoyyyyyyyyyy

Okay I have a buuuuuuuuunch of super fun GIFs for you to post :)…

Okay I have a buuuuuuuuunch of super fun GIFs for you to post 🙂 So stay tuned! 

This is like a behind-the-scenes from my last big photoset before I got the pedicure (Naked toes with the see-through leggings). I think I’m going to put up part of the video on YouTube maybe. But I haven’t decided yet. Maybe part of it will go in the superfan folder though because there is foot worshiping and stupid youtube doesn’t let me upload foot worshiping… Like whyyyyyyyyyyyy? It’s just sucking on toes.









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