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Sunglasses… check

Sunglasses… check

Flip-flops off… check

Smooth soles… check

Now that we’re done with the important checkilst, I’d like to introduce you to Tara. Tara is a very attractive girl. When I met her, she wondered about what it was like to have a foot fetish… and after our first photoset she was hooked. 

Here she is, nice and tan at a park by the river. She already removed her flip-flops and has let me take some really great pictures of her cute feet. Tara’s toes are perfectly proportioned and her soles are as smooth as silk. Add that together with a great body tan, a super cute face and a body that makes you wanna hold her and you’ve got something special. 

It may have taken Tara awhile, but she gets it. And now that she “gets” the love of girls feet, there is no stopping her and what she’ll do to create pleasure in your life. Check out all of Tara’s great photosets and videos on my Foot Fetish site here:

It will make your Wednesday go WAAAAAAYY smoother. Much like Tara’s sexy soles, huh? 🙂

Nancy is one of those “natural” girls. The typ…

Nancy is one of those “natural” girls. The type of girl that isn’t hung up on looks, fleeting romance and what other people care about her. When I explained my foot fetish to her and asked if I could take some pictures, she was happy to participate. 

Before I could even pull my camera of the bag, she had her shoes and socks off and was rubbing her feet to make sure they were as clean as possible.

You see, it’s really THIS KIND of girl who volunteers to model for my Foot Fetish site. It’s called Beautiful Barefoot Girls for a reason… and girls like Nancy are a big part of that. She “gets it”. She knows why you love feet… and she actually loves it!

Female feet, without any doubt, are truly works of art. See the way her arch goes down slightly, just like the hips of a woman? And do you see the way her skin expands right beneath her toes? Yep, you got it. More of that curvy female shape that both guys and girls alike are attracted to.

Nancy and I did several photosets and videos together, all showcasing the literal majesty of her amazingly attractive bare feet. When you get a moment today, go here to brighten up your Tuesday:

You’ll be glad you did… and while you are there, download ALL of the barefoot girls who “get” your foot fetish. 

As foot lovers, we love all different kinds of…

As foot lovers, we love all different kinds of feet… small feet, petite toes and slender soles. 

Amy’s soles here represent the majesty and the natural beautify of women’s feet… from the shape to the curves to the purity of her skin, her feet are nothing short of amazing.

Check out all of Amy’s photosets and videos on my Foot Fetish site here:

More toes for your weekend!

You see Kristen’s smile? She is smiling becaus…

You see Kristen’s smile? She is smiling because she knows why you love feet and she is happy to share her’s with you.

Don’t you just love her tiny and cute feet? Those little toes and slender soles are very attractive. 

Kristen is just one of many girls on my Foot Fetish sites that really “get it”. They love to show their feet and get excited to take off their shoes and socks for you. I shoot all my photosets and videos to feel like it’s just YOU and the girl that understands you. 

Take some time this weekend to check it out for yourself. I think that you’ll find these photosets to be an intimate pleasure-fest even for the average foot lover.

Beautiful Barefoot Girls :

Garden Feet Girls :

Barefoot Brazil :


Here is the lovely Orchid. She’s a pale and su…

Here is the lovely Orchid. She’s a pale and super cute girl who loves being barefoot and loves the fact that you want to enjoy her cute, petite feet and toes.

If you love diversity of feet, short soles, long toes and cute feet than you are going enjoy all the girls on my Foot Fetish site.

Girls like Orchid are super cute, very pretty and take really good care of their naturally attractive feet. Enjoy all of Orchid’s photosets and videos on my site here:

You’ll be stoked that you did. 

Hey Foot Lover… Happy Monday. What’s be…

Hey Foot Lover… Happy Monday. What’s better than a barefoot girl? How about 2 of them? Do you like seeing 20 toes instead of 10? Check out the two-girl photosets and videos on my Foot Fetish site Beautiful Barefoot Girls.

There are girls like Staci and Michelle here who not only understand your foot fetish, but embrace it. They are actually excited to shed their shoes and socks and let you check out their naturally attractive bare feet, soles and toes. 

Check it out for yourself by going here:

There is no doubt that the M Sisters have some…

There is no doubt that the M Sisters have some really great feet… those kin of naturally attractive toes that just look like they were meant to go together.

On my foot fetish site Barefoot Brazil we explore sexy South American feet with a flair for those smooth soles and long toes that you enjoy. Check it out for yourself here:

You’ll quickly fill up your private collection of sexy feet and toes.

Here is the lovely Samatha Rose from my site B…

Here is the lovely Samatha Rose from my site Barefoot Brazil. She’s also a feature on today’s Reddit post on /r/BeautifulAndBarefoot

If you are like me, you can’t stop thinking about your foot fetish. There are so many different kinds of feet, toes and soles to consume that it’s almost always on your mind. This is why I am going there getting pictures and sharing them with fellow foot lovers who genuinely appreciate the form of the female foot. 

And the cool thing is that it’s not always just guys! Girls love feet too… so it doesn’t matter how you identify… feet are wonderful and magnificent works of art. To really behold this majesty, check out:

Beautiful Barefoot Girls:


Barefoot Brazil:

You’ll be glad you did!

Model: Ariel

Model: Ariel

Model: Elizabeth

Model: Elizabeth



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