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It’s Friday, so I wanted to give all you foot …

It’s Friday, so I wanted to give all you foot lovers out there a treat. It’s Betty on the red bed with a red-bed-toe-spread for you. 

Betty’s toes look like fingers… and it doesn’t take more than a passing interest in female feet to see why this would be super sexy, does it? Each toe sticks out lankily from the bottoms of her perfectly pale feet.

Betty “get it”… she understands why you love feet and the best part is that she isn’t shy about sharing them with you. Sure, Betty’s toes aren’t normal… and that’s why we love her so much! 

I’ve done three full photosets and a few videos with Betty… they are on my Foot Fetish site and I think that if you enjoy what I post up here on Tumblr that it’s just a tiny little taste of what my site’s got in store.

In fact, I think you’ll dig the over 20k photos and hundreds of videos I have… all ready for immediately download and for you to enjoy and add to your private collection of bare feet, soles and toes. Check it all out here:

Have a fantastic weekend… foot lovers! I love your feet and I love YOU!


Long legs and long toes are what the wonderful…

Long legs and long toes are what the wonderful and super attractive Effy delivers on my Foot Fetish site Beautiful Barefoot She took the time to go on an intimate walk in the woods, slowly remove her flip-flop sandals for you and let you savor each and every inch of her cute bare feet.

Effy has not only great feet, but had an incredible shape to her toes. They are perfectly proportioned, with each toe sitting precisely in line with the next, all the way down the tops of her foot. 

Effy gets your foot fetish and is happy to take off her shoes and socks for you. In her case, we’ve only done one photoshoot together and it was amazing. She wore flip-flops so there is never a question as to how attractive and beautiful Effy’s feet really are.

Why don’t you make your Monday go a little smoother and sign-up for my Foot Fetish website. It’s got all types of girls feet, wide, thin, fat, skinny, long, short lanky and slender… and because you are a true Foot Lover, you are going to find them ALL sexy!

Don’t just take my word for it… Go here and see for yourself:

Like I said, your Monday won’t feel as harsh when you find girls who “get” your fetish! 🙂


Smiles… Jeans… long toes……

Smiles… Jeans… long toes… there are many, many reasons we enjoy girls feet. And the reality is that there is no right or wrong way to love feet. 

I’ve got a thing… I’m sure YOU’VE got a thing. And I would LOVE to hear what it is. My “thing” is long, pale toes… this is why I find Carma’s feet to be super attractive. 

Carma is cute… and her toes are incredible. She only did one set for my Foot Fetish site, but it’s a good one. She even sucks her own toes, which is pretty hot and I will be posting that picture soon.

If you love girls feet as much as I do, you’ll need to check out my site. It’s not just a foot fetish site where the girls show up, passively look away and leave… the girls on the Beautiful Barefoot Girls site LOVE to take off their shoes and socks… not to mention the fact that they enjoy the fact that you love their feet. They love getting fan mail and the most fan mail the get, the more they enjoy taking off their shoes and socks for you.

Take a few minutes this Monday to embrace some cute bare feet from girls who love to share their toes:

You’ll be glad you did… this will make your week go a little better. 🙂


Sometimes the sexiest and most attractive thin…

Sometimes the sexiest and most attractive things come from the most unlikely of places. Jamie’s super cute and naturally attractive toes are one of those. 

Jamie answered an ad for a modeling job. When she took her shoes and socks off to change into a different pair of pants I was hooked on her feet. She ended up coming over to my Foot Fetish site and doing over a dozen session, resulting in almost a thousand pictures and several videos. 

Jamie is hot and, at first, didn’t really understand the foot thing. However, after complimenting her and getting fan mail on a pretty consistent basis, she was hooked.

Check out Jamie’s super unique soles, toes and arches on my foot fetish site here:

Your private collection of feet and girls who really “get” your foot fetish, will thank you. 🙂 Happy Thursday. 

Destne is pretty… and her feet are supe…

Destne is pretty… and her feet are super spectacular. She really was blessed with being born with super attractive and naturally gorgeous feet.

Her feet are gorgeous because they are really long and lanky… her soles provide a smooth and wonderful landscape for all sorts of realms of pleasure. This could be you sucking on her toes and then licking all the way down her long sole, to provide her a warm feeling that get her going. That could be kissing the tops of her feet gently while rubbing the bottoms of her heels with your strong hand.

The point is that Destne would love it. She’s not shy about sharing her body and, in fact, really enjoys sharing her feet, toes and soles. She did so many times on my Foot Fetish site and continues to fulfill foot fantasies of both men and women foot lovers all over the world.

Check out all of Destne’s sexy photosets and videos here:

You’ll be glad you did and this will make your week much more tolerable!


As foot lovers, we love all different kinds of…

As foot lovers, we love all different kinds of feet… small feet, petite toes and slender soles. 

Amy’s soles here represent the majesty and the natural beautify of women’s feet… from the shape to the curves to the purity of her skin, her feet are nothing short of amazing.

Check out all of Amy’s photosets and videos on my Foot Fetish site here:

More toes for your weekend!

Here is the lovely Orchid. She’s a pale and su…

Here is the lovely Orchid. She’s a pale and super cute girl who loves being barefoot and loves the fact that you want to enjoy her cute, petite feet and toes.

If you love diversity of feet, short soles, long toes and cute feet than you are going enjoy all the girls on my Foot Fetish site.

Girls like Orchid are super cute, very pretty and take really good care of their naturally attractive feet. Enjoy all of Orchid’s photosets and videos on my site here:

You’ll be stoked that you did. 

There is nothing more sacred than a female tha…

There is nothing more sacred than a female that embraces your foot fetish. Why? Because it cuts through the crap and gives you what you really want.

That’s why I only have girls on my Foot Fetish site that “get” your love of feet. You aren’t a creep and you aren’t going to do anything weird. What you are going to do is worship 55 different “barefoot girlfriends” who love the fact that you are into their feet.

Check them all out here:


There is no doubt that the M Sisters have some…

There is no doubt that the M Sisters have some really great feet… those kin of naturally attractive toes that just look like they were meant to go together.

On my foot fetish site Barefoot Brazil we explore sexy South American feet with a flair for those smooth soles and long toes that you enjoy. Check it out for yourself here:

You’ll quickly fill up your private collection of sexy feet and toes.

Here is the lovely Samatha Rose from my site B…

Here is the lovely Samatha Rose from my site Barefoot Brazil. She’s also a feature on today’s Reddit post on /r/BeautifulAndBarefoot

If you are like me, you can’t stop thinking about your foot fetish. There are so many different kinds of feet, toes and soles to consume that it’s almost always on your mind. This is why I am going there getting pictures and sharing them with fellow foot lovers who genuinely appreciate the form of the female foot. 

And the cool thing is that it’s not always just guys! Girls love feet too… so it doesn’t matter how you identify… feet are wonderful and magnificent works of art. To really behold this majesty, check out:

Beautiful Barefoot Girls:


Barefoot Brazil:

You’ll be glad you did!



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