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Imogen loves the fact you enjoy her feet&helli…

Imogen loves the fact you enjoy her feet… and she couldn’t wait to get barefoot and share her feet with you. Check out the wonderful shape of her soles… they are curvy and delicate, ready to be enjoyed by whatever you want to use. How would you express foot sensuality to Imogen? Would you use your mouth, your tongue or your fingers?

There is no right answer… and there is no need to fear… Imogen really is a true Beautiful Barefoot Girl who loves being barefoot and love her feet being enjoyed.

Imogen is a good example of ALL the girls on my Foot Fetish website. There are over 50 more “girls that get it”, which is why my site is called Beautiful Barefoot Girls. You’ll love the diversity and consistency of all the photosets and videos that respectfully display Women’s bare feet, soles and toes in a way that lifts them up!

All from cute, girl-next door barefoot girls… no trickery, no “fake girls”… Just real feet that are naturally attractive. 

It’s Sunday, so take a few minutes today to check out my site. There’s a ton of stuff you can download and if you find a favorite model, let me know. Go here to check it out:

Have a great Sunday, please be safe and I will talk to you soon.

Often it’s the uniqueness of feet that attract…

Often it’s the uniqueness of feet that attracts us to them… and one of the most unique things about female feet are toes.

Toes are such a good indicator of health and sensuality that I could wax on and on about how seductive and cute they are… but let’s face it. Toes are like Tits, right? They are different on each woman and the size and shape may vary, but everyone likes their tits touched as much as they do their toes.

Let’s celebrate with our Ped Princess Imogen this week. I’ve put up pictures already of her curvy soles and how those to together…. I put up a photo of her sucking own toes, wishing you were there to help out… now today it’s a close-up of her perfectly proportioned toes.

Don’t you just love the shape? Don’t you visually enjoy this work-of-art that nature created and then allowed Imogen to curate for us to enjoy? I do. I would suck her toes for hours and never get tired of it. 

How about you? Would you enjoy sucking on Imogen’s toes?

Get all of Imogen’s photosets and videos from my Foot Fetish site by going here:

I hope that these foot pictures help with your “hump day” and get you through the week. Much love. XxOo.

Imogen was such a hit that I think I’m going t…

Imogen was such a hit that I think I’m going to feature her this week… Just like I featured her on my Foot Fetish site.

Obviously she’s got attractive feet and toes… that’s a given and often the “price of admission”. But it’s really what she DOES with her feet that I think is sexy.

Sometimes I’ll test models by trying to be funny, like “I bet you can’t suck your own toes!” and sometime’s I’ll be super blunt and say something like “it would be really hot if you could lick your own soles.

Either way, the meaning of the communication… ANY communication for that matter, is the response you receive.

And boy, did I get a response. 

I got a response of hotness… Imogen loves to suck her own toes and really loves to do it on camera by seeing how much it’s turning me on off camera!

I knew right then and there that she “got” my foot fetish. She understood why I love girls feet and wasn’t shy about embracing it with me. When you’re ready to get 54 “barefoot girlfriends” just like Imogen in this picture than you really should check out my Foot Fetish site. All of Imogen’s photosets and videos are available for instant download. Go here to check it out:

I hope you have a wonderful and terrific “toe Tuesday” my fellow foot lovers!

Liar is stoked to show off her soles… a…

Liar is stoked to show off her soles… and she didn’t even need any prompting. Here she is sitting on a sign, shoes and socks freshly off and she is throwing her feet into your face. Yes, this punk rock princess has a foot fetish and she LOVES to express it. 

If you like girls who totally get why you love feet, you are going to love all the girls on my Foot Fetish site. Liar is just one example of how excited these girls are to shed their socks and show their feet.

The other thing that is really great is that there are all kinds of female feet on my site. Long and large feet and soles or tiny, petite peds… either way there is going to be something you love about the feet, soles and toes on my Foot Fetish site.

To really experience this on a deep and profound level, go here and click around:

I bet that you’ll quickly see how impressive my collection of barefoot girls is and, when you are ready, you can download all the great foot fetish pictures and videos. 

I can’t think of a better way to start off your week than checking out some healthy and naturally attractive feet and toes. Enjoy! XxOo.

Oooops the boobs almost hanging out lol gotta …

Oooops the boobs almost hanging out lol gotta get the nude archive for my boobs though 😛

Yupppp more views that you can only view in th…

Yupppp more views that you can only view in the pictures archive haha :3


Sorry I’m falling behind posting this set on Tumblr! Sometimes it gives me issues posting from my phone. Instagram doesn’t have the issues it seems. Btw my Instagram is at 128k followers right now. Which is nuts man. How did we get this far? Anyone want to take a guess at how many Tumblr followers i have? Hint: Tumblr is not nearly the size of Instagrams user base 😂 maybe if ya guys are close I’ll tell you


Btw do you know this whole set is in the pictures archive in like super high quality HD. And not censored at all 😝

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Guess what?


Red lipstick, red toes, red tongue and red underwear :3

Something about self worship in ultra HD is pretty sexy right? Reblog it if you agree <3



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