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Do you like Foot Stacking Fun as much as I do?…

Do you like Foot Stacking Fun as much as I do? I bet you do. There is something really attractive about seeing BOTH of a woman’s bare soles in the same shot… It’s really hot.

This is especially true for someone like Sara who has taken the time to shed her shoes and sock and share her naturally attractive bare feet with us. 

Girls, in general, are attractive, but when they have naked feet there is something super intimate that makes then really pretty. Sara’s got a number of different photosets and videos on my Foot Fetish site. All with different clothes and different looks, but one common denominator:

Bare Female Feet

You know, those perfectly proportioned toes that naturally slide into the bottom of a seamless and slender sole. These ARE Sara’s sexy barefoot sets. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Make your weekend a “sexy foot fetish weekend” by going here to check it out:

You’ll be happy that you did. Feet are timeless and we share this deep love and affection for toes, soles and arches. 

Have a great weekend!



Btw do you know this whole set is in the pictures archive in like super high quality HD. And not censored at all 😝

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Here is the lovely Orchid. She’s a pale and su…

Here is the lovely Orchid. She’s a pale and super cute girl who loves being barefoot and loves the fact that you want to enjoy her cute, petite feet and toes.

If you love diversity of feet, short soles, long toes and cute feet than you are going enjoy all the girls on my Foot Fetish site.

Girls like Orchid are super cute, very pretty and take really good care of their naturally attractive feet. Enjoy all of Orchid’s photosets and videos on my site here:

You’ll be stoked that you did. 


Guess what?

Sara is sexy… and so are her soles. If …

Sara is sexy… and so are her soles. If you relax your eyes and look between her soles and her eyes you will melt… your heart will get softer and other places will get wetter.

Sara is hot… she’s sultry and sexy in her own way… and those naturally attractive soles and toes are just part of her complete package.

Check out Sara on my Foot Fetish site Beautiful Barefoot Girls. You’ll be glad you did:


Red lipstick, red toes, red tongue and red underwear :3

Something about self worship in ultra HD is pretty sexy right? Reblog it if you agree <3

Hey Foot Lover&hellip; Happy Monday. What’s be…

Hey Foot Lover… Happy Monday. What’s better than a barefoot girl? How about 2 of them? Do you like seeing 20 toes instead of 10? Check out the two-girl photosets and videos on my Foot Fetish site Beautiful Barefoot Girls.

There are girls like Staci and Michelle here who not only understand your foot fetish, but embrace it. They are actually excited to shed their shoes and socks and let you check out their naturally attractive bare feet, soles and toes. 

Check it out for yourself by going here:


By the by, there’s a buuuunch of pics from this super high def pic set. An awesome fan commissioned to see it. I’ll post a good chunk of them because I think a bunch of you will like them.

The theme is red lipstick kisses on feet 😘

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Have you guys seen the like over 100 asks I answered today on my ask blog? @arcanasmessages

Shit got a little nutty. But it might be worth reading 😘


Me having too much fun with my own feet! And guess what? The brand new video officially added to my website check it out!!!



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