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Dexterous toes-TJ

thank you ! not only for this lovely submission, but also for all your other submissions and all your support and affection i have received from you, since i started this blog. 
this for now, sadly will be TJ’s last submission to thepureskin as a blogmodel… since priorities change in live and taking nudes on a weekly basis is not possible to her anymore. i still haven’t lost hope that you might soon be back posting and submitting photos regularly, but for now i want to let you know that you’ve been probably the best thing that could have happened to this blog and still are a great “tumblr friend” and a wonderful person. i wish you all the best for the new stage and challenge in your life…

Thank you for having such a wonderful blog, where everyone is made comfortable and is body positive. You are to kind to have been posting my submissions this whole time. I’m not sure about being the best thing that has happened to your blog, but I sure hope I helped contribute to it in a positive artistic manner. It seems are are both thankful for the others support. Although this is my last submission for the time being, I will be submitting again soon, when time permits this anyways.



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