Brand new YouTube video guys!! Watch as I open…

Brand new YouTube video guys!! Watch as I open my first ever loot anime crate!

Heads up the audio was recorded really oddly with some clicking noises throughout. So they had to be removed with some magic. It might still sound a little funky. I dunno. Anyway, please watch, like and subscribe!!

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I’m case you are wondering… Yes my birthday is in 2 weeks! Two fucking weeks baby ❤❤❤ December 1st!

Which you should probably spoil the shit outta me. So here’s a link to my Amazon wishlist

Which if you’ve ever jerked it to my pics you probably owe me a gift just sayin’ 😂😂 or a gift card.

There is even sexy stuff on my wishlist that can be used in future photosets!


Imogen loves the fact you enjoy her feet&helli…

Imogen loves the fact you enjoy her feet… and she couldn’t wait to get barefoot and share her feet with you. Check out the wonderful shape of her soles… they are curvy and delicate, ready to be enjoyed by whatever you want to use. How would you express foot sensuality to Imogen? Would you use your mouth, your tongue or your fingers?

There is no right answer… and there is no need to fear… Imogen really is a true Beautiful Barefoot Girl who loves being barefoot and love her feet being enjoyed.

Imogen is a good example of ALL the girls on my Foot Fetish website. There are over 50 more “girls that get it”, which is why my site is called Beautiful Barefoot Girls. You’ll love the diversity and consistency of all the photosets and videos that respectfully display Women’s bare feet, soles and toes in a way that lifts them up!

All from cute, girl-next door barefoot girls… no trickery, no “fake girls”… Just real feet that are naturally attractive. 

It’s Sunday, so take a few minutes today to check out my site. There’s a ton of stuff you can download and if you find a favorite model, let me know. Go here to check it out:

Have a great Sunday, please be safe and I will talk to you soon.



More from this fresh fucking Deku set. Goddamn I love these shoes so fucking hard. Like. They turn me on. Unfffff

I’m scared to wear them outside. They are so beautiful and sexy. I don’t want to ruin them.

Anyway. What turns you on? Lulz


As the week of “Imogen Love” continues for the…

As the week of “Imogen Love” continues for the Beautiful Barefoot Girls website, I just remembered that I did a whole other set with her.

But why tell you about it when I can SHOW you?

Here’s Imogen in the office, on the old green sofa. She’s barefoot and ready for you to begin exploring each and every inch of her size 9 feet. Here she is comfortably showing you a foot stacking pose, with both bare sole sticking out towards the camera for you to enjoy. 

I love the foot stacking pose.

And I love Imogen’s naturally sexy bare feet, soles and toes.

Which is why I love my foot fetish site and I love photographing women’s bare feet.

Today is Saturday, but I’m not taking the day off for you. It’s my mission to provide you  that unique, cute, girl-next-door bare feet that you know and love. My site is totally exclusive, meaning that these girls have only shed their shoes and socks to share their feet with my site.

When you get a few minutes, check it out. If you are as much of a female foot lover as I am I know that you’re gonna eat up my site. Check it out here:

Have a safe weekend out there!



















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